Let's make the internet more secure

I think we've all observed the revelations that the internet is not a safe place with equal amounts of horror, apathy and a shoulder shrugging. Well, there are things that we can all do to try and fight eavesdropping and privacy infringements.

Reset the Net

There is a new campaign that aims to promote security on the internet, many people are signing up and pledging to encrypt all traffic to their websites/apps and to use privacy tools for their own internet usage,  here's the campaign in it's own words:

I am already using a combination of Tor, VPN and Last Pass (for insanely complicated passwords) to keep myself secure personally, but as part of the Reset the Net campaign I will switch Techpunch over to HTTPS for all traffic. I encourage all website owners to take the same steps and protect their visitors along with signing up for the campaign and supporting the cause.

On a site note, I think in the long run an alternative to the Internet that is truly decentralised is the way to go, ideas like Mesh Networking and Namecoin offer potential alternatives that could make it incredibly difficult to perform blanket mass surveillance.